A simultaneity of stories-so-far, 2024
Neuer Kunstverein Wien, Vienna
Curated by Juliane Bischoff
Skulptur und Raum – University of Applied Arts, Vienna

In her work, Marlene Posch deals with routine processes, everyday objects, and relationships between inside and outside as concrete places and psychological spaces. In the fabrication of her pieces, Posch must repeat numerous manual processes – cutting veneer, milling, glueing – which become routine and condition skills. For Shell, Posch used veneer as a material to mimic an object designed to carry heavy loads. Veneer – primarily used to enhance cheaper materials – is brittle. A carrier material is required to be functional, and the tension must be explored anew each time it is processed. Unit (ii) consists of a veneered box element with sanding marks. The otherwise perfect surface makes the marks appear as subsequent injuries, emotionally charging them.